Holders / Types

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    Our Interchangeable Holders are strong and solid with flush sides, making them as comfortable and easy to mark with as standard hand stamps. This durable tool will make legible impressions with all characters in perfect alignment. Blanks or spacers are furnished for use when the maximum capacity of the holder is not required. Our holders can be made to any special requirement of straight-line marking, in any capacity of characters.

    Whatever your application…

    Holders / Types

    • Hand Held
    • Machine use
    • Standard Types
    • Specialty Types

    Products used on

    • Automotive Components

    • Castings

    • Keg and Containers

    • Propane Tanks

    • Oil Barrels and Drums

    • Allen Wrenches

    • Wrenches

    • Sockets

    • Chisels

    • Valves and Fittings

    • Nuts and Bolts

    • Foil Food Trays

    • Sheet metal components

    • Electrical enclosures

    • Cardboard Packaging

    • Cutlery

    • Tire Branding

    Industries Served

    • Oil and gas

    • Automotive

    • Keg & Container Manufacturers

    • Aerospace

    • Food and Beverage

    • Packaging

    • Medical

    • Tool and Die Manufacturers

    • Tool Manufacturers

    • Fastener Manufacturing

    • Forging

    • Locksmith

    • Metal Fabrication