Embossing Dies

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    Embossing is a stamping process for producing raised or sunken designs or relief in a variety of different materials. Embossing Die/Die sets can be produced in radial,  flat and more. Whether your embossing process requires a single die or a male and female set our team will ensure they are produced from the proper tool steel and hardened to the optimal characteristics to ensure a long service life for your application. Embossment tooling can be produced for any existing machinery. Embossment tooling can be produced for any existing machinery. Reverse engineering available to produce components to function as OEM. Provide turn/key custom machinery for your specific embossing needs. Our skilled engineers can trouble shoot and provide solutions to ensure you get a quality embossment. You can count on Superior Steel Stamp and our tooling experts to bring you the best possible tools so you marks come out crisp every time.

    Materials that can be embossed

    • Steel

    • Aluminum Foil

    • Stainless steel

    • Brass

    • Copper

    • Paper

    • Non wovens

    • Fabric

    • Plastic Film

    • Metal Foil

    • Wood

    • Leather

    Products used on

    • Beer Kegs

    • 55 gallon drums

    • Foil food trays

    • Paper/Tissue Paper products

    • Carboard Packaging

    • Tin Products

    • Household Baking Trays


    • Oil and gas

    • Propane/Gas Tanks

    • Beverage

    • Tool and Die

    • Food packaging industry

    • Aerospace

    • Automotive
    • Motorcycle

    • Health care industry

    • Tissue paper industry